Intellectual property

Intellectual property

IPvocate, the Intellectual Property Department of CEW & Partners – offers its clients a complete service in the field of trademarks, designs, copyright and neighboring rights, databases, domain names or patents and know-how, both, in contentious and contractual matters.

Our team has extensive experience in the management of intellectual property rights portfolios. We are recognized for our expertise in the fight against counterfeiting and other intellectual property infringements.

We defend the interests of our clients before civil, commercial and criminal courts as well as before the administrative authorities of the Intellectual Property Offices. Whenever possible, we encourage negotiation, settlement of disputes or alternative dispute resolution. This pragmatic approach is in line with the needs of our demanding clients, mainly composed of multinational companies and foreign colleagues.

We assist our clients in negotiations with the European Union and other international organizations in Brussels (e.g. European Anti-Fraud Office, World Customs Organization).

We advise our clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, both nationally and internationally.

Our department is also specialized in peripheral areas of intellectual property such as market practices and unfair competition, distribution contracts, research and development, ICT.

Multilingual, we deal with your issues in French, Dutch, English and German.

Since 2013, the department has been continually recognized by the magazine World Trademark Review and Marius Schneider is recognized and recommended as an expert in the fight against counterfeiting. The department is also included as an expert in Legal 500.

We have a network of international correspondents specialized in intellectual property rights and also a firm specializing in intellectual property in Africa, IPvocate Africa Legal Advisers ( ).

Management of Intellectual Property Rights

We assist our clients in the development and management of their trademark portfolios, designs, patents, plant variety rights, geographical indications, domain names and related business, including

  • Registration procedures at national, European and international level
  • Updated trademark registers according to the evolution of the company
  • Search for prior registrations and availability reviews
  • Organization of brand awareness surveys
  • Defence of our clients’ interests before BOPI and OHIM administrations and in administrative proceedings against third parties (opposition, actions for cancellation)
  • Management and audit of intellectual property rights portfolios, organization of monitoring, management of renewals
  • Licenses and transfers of intellectual property rights
  • Arbitration procedures and legal proceedings

Fight against counterfeiting

Our department is recognized for its expertise in anti-conterfeiting .

We assist our clients in fighting against these violations both in civil and criminal proceedings.

We develop anti-counterfeiting strategies, including:

  • Investigate (with the help of authorized detectives) to identify counterfeit products on the market as well as supply chains.
  • Cease the marketing of counterfeit products and services on the market as well as on e-commerce sites
  •  Work closely with the police and economic inspection to eliminate counterfeit products and dismantle networks.
  • Work closely with Customs to retain counterfeit products at the borders.
  • File civil and criminal actions to fight infringements of intellectual property rights, including the coordination of actions to fight counterfeiting at international level. For this purpose, we have a network of colleagues specialized in intellectual property and a firm specializing in intellectual property in Africa, IPvocate Africa Legal Advisers
  •  Retrieve domain names illegally used.
  • Assist our clients in interacting with the European Union and its bodies (including the European Commission, Europol, Olaf and the European Intellectual Property Attorney) as well as other organizations based in Brussels.

We have been able to assist our clients successfully in very complex cases

Market Practices and Unfair Competition, Commercial Law

As intellectual property is closely related to market practices and unfair competition, we assist and advise our clients in these areas, including:

  • Commercial litigation: contractual breach, unfair competition.
  • Lawful and illicit comparative advertising
  • Parasitism
  • Unfair competition in the broad sense (denigration, termination of established business relations, etc.)

Our department also specializes in peripheral areas of intellectual property, such as commercial contracts and licensing agreements, distribution contracts, research and development contracts, ICT contracts and the drafting of general conditions for sale or purchase.


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