Intellectual property

Intellectual property

The Intellectual Property Department of CEW & Partners offers its clients a complete range of services in the field of trademarks, designs, copyright and neighboring rights, databases, domain names or patents and know-how, both, in contentious and contractual matters.

Our team has a collaboration network of national and international lawyers with extensive experience in the management of intellectual property rights portfolios. We are recognized for our expertise in the fight against counterfeiting and other intellectual property infringements.

We defend the interests of our clients before civil, commercial and criminal courts as well as before the administrative authorities of the Intellectual Property Offices. Whenever possible, we encourage negotiation, settlement of disputes or alternative dispute resolution. This pragmatic approach is in line with the needs of our demanding clients, mainly composed of multinational companies and foreign colleagues.

We assist our clients in negotiations with the European Union and other international organizations in Brussels (e.g. European Anti-Fraud Office, World Customs Organization).

We advise our clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, both nationally and internationally.

Our department is also specialized in peripheral areas of intellectual property such as market practices and unfair competition, distribution contracts, research and development, ICT.

Multilingual, we deal with your issues in French, Dutch and English.

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– Frédéric Heylbroeck

– David Szafran

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Frédéric Heylbroeck
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David Szafran
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