Public and administrative law

Public and administrative law

The Department of Public and Administrative Law deals with matters related to legal relations with administrations and public authorities. It intervenes for federal, regional or local administrations, individuals or companies in these matters.

We manage different litigations before the Council of State, the Constitutional Court and the courts of the Judicial Order in matters of public and administrative law, civil service law, public procurement law, urban planning law and the environment, municipal law and educational law.

Our department provides consultancy services in these matters independently of any dispute or in order to solve the latter amicably.

Public and administrative law

The department, under the authority of Jean Laurent, has developed expertise in administrative law and public law.

More specifically, the department deals with issues relating to the operating rules of administrations. It assists in the drafting of statutory or legal texts. In this capacity, it defends administrations or citizens in litigation before the Constitutional Court.

The department has acquired an undeniable experience in litigations before the Constitutional Court and before the Council of State.

Government Procurement Law

The department, under the supervision of Jean Laurent, has developed a particular expertise in public procurement law, both in terms of advice and litigation.

The department gives advice in the drafting of special specifications, in the analysis of tenders or in the drafting of award decisions.

As such, the department has been able to follow PPPs, large works contracts and even supply or service contracts. .

Public Service Law

In the public service law, we deal with issues relating to statutory agents.

This applies in particular to disciplinary law, the dispute over appointments, promotions and trade union rights.

These subjects are handled by Jean Laurent, head of the department of public and administrative law and his team.

We frequently participate in seminars on Public service law on multiple issues.

With the collaboration of the social law department, the department of public and administrative law also deals with the social litigation of administrations and statutory and contractual agents, the drafting of regulations, bylaws or working regulations or the handling of Occupational Welfare-Related or Occupational Risks issues

Planning law and environment protection law

The department has been able to develop its competence in planning and environmental law, in terms of support for the filing of applications and the management of local remedies as well as judicial or administrative remedies.

In this capacity, we provide legal advice to clients in the three Regions. Specific expertise was acquired on due diligence related to the purchase of real estate assets.

The department works closely with the Real Estate department to advise clients on the urban and environmental aspects of their real estate projects.

Municipal law

Municipal law has specific features in the decision-making process and in the matters dealt with.

Thus, we provide support to local authorities in all matters, sometimes with the help of another department of CEW.

It should be noted that the municipalities have specific characteristics in terms of staff, roads, safety and sanitation as well as specific electoral disputes.

Educational law

The department participates in the litigation of the educational affairs regarding teachers, the students or pupils.

This includes disputes in connection with discipline, enrollment or student achievement.

As for teachers of nursery or primary, secondary or higher education, the department intervenes in disputes concerning appointments or assignments, in matters of discipline or remuneration.