Real estate law

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Real estate law

We provide support to our clients and search the best solutions according to their particular interests: writing agreements, seeking tax and patrimonial solutions, support in administrative procedures, negotiation, participation in appraisals, support in the development of real estate, etc.

We provide legal advice to our clients and defend them in judicial and / or administrative proceedings, mediation or arbitration.

Our specialization covers all areas of real estate law : promotion, construction, sale, lease, condominium, usufruct, financial lease, servitudes, joint ownership, neighbourhood disturbances, urban planning law, real estate tax law, etc.

Recognizing that there is never a universal solution to a problem, we assess the risks of a case and develop, together with our clients, a strategy adapted to each situation, to each real estate project.

Our clients are mainly of promoters, contractors, architects, specialist or secular contractors, co-ownership trustees, real estate agents, inter-municipal authorities, public administrations and insurance companies.

Property law

We perform our consultancy and representation activities in all areas of real estate law in the broad sense: real estate sales, life annuities, leases (commercial, main residence and common law), rights in rem (Usufruct – bare ownership, servitude, joint ownership, etc.), neighbourhood disturbances, urban planning law.

We also work with the tax law department to advise our clients on the tax aspects of their real estate projects: real estate development, lease, dismemberment of ownership, usufruct, financial lease, acreage, real estate sale, mortgage etc.

Construction law

We advise our clients on their building project, from initial planning and drawings to the final reception of the building.

We participate in both pre-litigation and judicial proceedings.

Our expertise enable us to defend the interests of all stakeholders in the building project: developer, promoter, architect, engineer, advisor or responsible PEB, health and safety coordinator, contractor, subcontractor…

We collaborate with the social law Department to provide assistance in staff  management and to establish appropriate actions to avoid any social risks.

Tenancy Law

We assist our clients (trustees and co-owners) in all aspects of the sometimes hectic life of a condominium.

Participation in general meetings, recovery of unpaid charges, litigation, expert opinions, update of the statutes, etc.

Expropriation law

Expropriation is one of the means used by the administrative authorities to dispose, in the name of public utility, of assets which do not belong to them but which are essential to reaching the goals they want to achieve or assigned to them. It is therefore a forced transfer of the right of ownership

Insurances and liability in real estate matters

We assist our clients in case of disputes with the developer’s insurance company (Construction All Risks (CAR), Professional indemnity insurance, Professional liability insurance for risks during performance, Decennial liability Insurance, comprehensive insurance of the owner) or represent the insurance company in construction law disputes.

We also deal with issues relating to fire and damage claims.