Tax law

Tax law

Our tax law department advises and assists clients in different areas of national and international tax regulations: personal income tax, corporate tax, VAT, registration fees, inheritance tax, non-resident tax (individuals & Corporations), corporation tax.

This service also covers the taxation of private equity: tax regularization, transfer of family businesses, estate and patrimonial planning…

We also give legal advice to foreign individuals wishing to settle down in Belgium.

Our tax law department assists Belgian and foreign companies in all their projects such as corporate restructuring (mergers, demergers, acquisitions, etc.), requests for advance rulings on tax matters or real estate transactions.

In general, we work closely with the other departments of CEW & Partners, especially with the departments of company law, real estate law, social law and public and administrative law.

In addition to our consulting activities, we also assist our clients in their dealings with tax authorities, whether in connection with the fulfillment of tax obligations (in particular tax filing obligations), control or finally in case of dispute. We are thus brought to represent our clients both before the administrative authorities and national courts (courts and tribunals, the Constitutional Court, the Council of State) and international courts (Court of Justice of the European Union).

Finally, our tax department has extensive experience in taxation applicable to the public sector and the non-commercial sector (intercommunal, ASBL, etc.) as well as regional and local taxation.