Transparency and clarity in all matters related to fees

Unless otherwise agreed, our fees are calculated based on the time spent on the assignment.

The hourly rates in force are indicated to the customers in writing at the beginning of the processing of their file.

Any modification of these rates or of the fee schedule will be applied only after having informed the customer of such change.

In addition to the fees calculated based on the hourly rate, we reserve the right to account to customers with their agreement for an outcome fee calculated on the principal and interest amounts involved, according to the nature of the interest and the result obtained.

Regardless of the invoicing method chosen and indicated to the customers in writing at the beginning of the processing of their file, disbursements (legal, bailiff, expert, translator etc.) are in any case charged to the customer.

The detail of fees, charges and disbursements that we send are payable in cash.

In the event of default, interest and collection costs are recorded on the basis of the law dated August 2nd, 2002 to fight against late payment in commercial transactions.

Initially, provisions or interim statements are regularly sent to our clients. They may at any time ask us to submit an intermediate report.

The amount that could possibly be claimed from the other party as an intervention in the defense costs of our customers is calculated on a flat-rate basis.

Our work ends in any case and at the latest when we address our final statement of fees and expenses.

We choose freely the bailiffs who intervene on behalf of our customers. The choice of another third party whose assistance is useful (notary, auditor, technical adviser, etc.) is only made after consultation.

Unless indicated otherwise, we provide the filing of records, which includes the paper or electronic retention of the main elements of the files for a period of five years and the possibility of reading or copying them during the same period. Unless expressly requested within this period, the file shall be destroyed at the end of this period.

Our relationship is subject to the laws of Belgium and any litigation relating to it is the exclusive competence of the courts of Brussels, without prejudice to the competence of the ordinary bodies to which we are subject in the matter of ethics and dispute of fees.

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