An essential methodology

We are committed to provide our best efforts for the diligent execution of the work entrusted to us by our customers, complying with laws and professional ethics.

Without human contact, technical skills and knowledge is nothing.

We try to build with our customers a trust and confidence relationship based on ethics and transparency.

That’s why we ensure a maximum availability to meet your expectations as soon as possible.

We will analyze your needs with you to establish the different options available according to the different imperatives (time, expected result, means available).

In order to ensure a diligent and efficient management of your enquiries or documentation, we are always available to listen to you in order to optimize the progress.

We will assist you personally in all stages of the work.

This includes personal telephone contact, attendance to meetings at the place and dates indicated and during the proceedings.

Our method is to allow you to keep a permanent control on your objectives.

We commit ourselves to inform you about the different legal solutions available to you and to implement, with the most diligence possible, the solution of your choosing.

We believe permanent communication is a guarantee of legal success.

That is why we regularly inform our customers about the progress of their case and to propose measures to protect their interests.

Whether included or not in the agreement, we will make sure to inform you and advise you as well on the steps to be taken and the strategies to adopt.

We ensure the utmost transparency in the management of the questions asked or the files and invoicing.

We are also committed to providing maximum care in the defense of your interests.

It goes without saying; however, we should mention that the services to be carried out in order to achieve this objective will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the difficulty of the case.

We undertake to submit to you any important act in draft before any shipment or deposit, except in emergencies.

The documents will be systematically discussed and submitted in draft form, within deadlines set in advance.

Within the framework of a procedure, particular attention is given to the preparation of documents to support the defense, so as to communicate optimally with the judge called upon to rule in the case.