An essential methodology

We are committed to providing our best efforts for the diligent execution of the work entrusted to us by our clients in compliance with laws and professional ethics.

Whilst technical skills and knowledge are important to us, we believe that direct human contact and mutual understanding are essential.

We therefore aim to build with our clients a relationship based on trust and confidence where ethics and transparency are paramount.

We aim to achieve maximum availability so as to meet your expectations as soon as possible.

We will analyze your situation in depth and advise you of the different options available by reference to the variables in play (time, expected result, available budget).

We will listen to you in order to optimize progress in the management of your problem.

Our lawyers will personally assist you at all stages, including personal telephone contact, attendance at meetings at the agreed time, place and date as well as personal representation in court.

You will be able to maintain a permanent control on progress towards the achievement of your objectives.

We will keep you informed of the different legal solutions available and we will implement, as diligently as possible, the agreed course of action.

We believe that permanent communication is a guarantee of success and we will regularly inform you about the progress of your matter. We are constantly looking to propose new actions to protect your interests.

We will always inform and advise you in advance on the steps we propose to take and the strategies we propose to be adopt.

We aim to achieve maximum transparency in our advice and representation and in the charging of our fees.

We are committed to exercising due professional diligence in the defense of your interests.

Our advice is rendered on a case-by-case basis and takes into account the specific difficulties of your case.

Except in emergencies, we will always submit a draft to you before sending out any document or making any filing.

Draft documents will be submitted within deadlines set in advance.

In court cases particular care and attention will be given to the preparation of evidence to be presented to the court.