A law firm at your service

CEW & Partners was founded in 1990 and is one of the senior firms of the Brussels Bar.

Its stability guarantees the good performance of the services.

While fully committed to the future, our firm defends traditional values such as integrity, independence, honesty and loyalty.

We believe that our professional activity can only be fully performed if it is based on shared values: competence, trust, ethics, involvement, respect for others, and development of people.

We are committed to ensure that our services are based on a common “culture”, providing:

  • Welcome, availability, meeting expectations, pragmatism of solutions, quality of contact and communications.
  • Specialized skills, experience, professionalism.
  • Clarity information about the cost and fees.
  • Collaboration with correspondents sharing our values.

The languages generally used in the office are French, Dutch, English and German.

Our law firm is active on international scenarios, notably through its participation in the TELFA network, which is a European alliance of independent law firms founded in 1989 and composed of more than 1200 lawyers throughout Europe (www.telfa.org ).

Thanks to our membership and active participation in the TELFA network, our law firm can obtain representation and legal advice for its clients from its regular correspondents with whom it maintains close relations.

(http://legalknowledgeportal.com/ ).