Liability law and insurance law

Liability law and insurance law

Our liability and insurance law department will assist you in all matters relating to liability and insurance law: civil liability law, liability insurance law, automobile civil liability, liability of the liberal professions (liability of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, accountants, auditors, doctors, architects …), fire insurance, theft insurance, life insurance, personal injury insurance, family insurance, insurance for construction workers …

This assistance is provided for the benefit of individuals and companies – we advise several leading insurance companies – both for the benefit of the victims and for the benefit of those responsible.

We will assist you with information, advice, drafting of acts, negotiations, mediation and conciliation and if necessary in judicial proceedings but also in arbitration proceedings.

The law of medical liability is handled by our health law department.

Liability Law

Our department specializes in the field of civil liability in both the contractual and extra contractual fields.

Our assistance is provided within the framework of responsibility for fault but also within the framework of so-called objective responsibilities: disturbances of neighborhoods, responsibility of products, …

Insurance Law

Our department is recognized for its expertise in insurance law. We regularly participate in disputes relating to liability insurance, fire insurance, theft and water damage, as well as car insurance.

Our expertise is also recognized in the insurance of individuals: life insurance, personal injury insurance…

We also participate in litigation affecting insurance products in branches 21 and 23.

Assurances and Liabilities in Real Estate

We assist our customers in disputes related to the manufacturers‘ insurance company (All Risks Site (TRC), Professional CR, RC Exploitation, ten-year insurance, global insurance of the owner) or to represent it in the context of construction law disputes.

We also participate in the management of fire and damage claims.

Road traffic law

You are involved in a traffic accident, as the victim or as the person responsible?

You are summoned to appear before the police court?

Are you physically injured as a result of a traffic accident?

We can easily assist you in all these procedures.

Indeed, our department is recognized by different insurance legal protection and RC authorities who consult us regularly.

We also have excellent relationships with several insurance brokers.