Business law

Business law

Our corporate law department offers a variety of skills to offer commercial companies a wide range of services that can contribute to the appropriate structuring and optimal development of their activities.

These services we offer are for companies of different sizes so we make efforts to personalize them to the maximum in order to provide pragmatic solutions to meet the specific needs of each company and adapted to their means.

The department is active both in the field of consultancy and in litigation.

Our customers include private and public companies.

Corporate law

We provide a customized service to our customers whatever the size of its activity: drafting of commercial contracts, implementing partnerships, support in launching a commercial activity or preventing the difficulties faced by companies.

Without ever excluding negotiations, mediation or arbitration, the lawyers of our law firm attend courts and tribunals all over the country and accompany our correspondent in any matter abroad.

Company law

We assist our private and public customers in performing the legal procedures inherent in the life of companies (incorporation, statutory changes, boards of directors, general meetings, liquidation …).

We advise our customers in terms of corporate governance.

We participate in the different disputes in which the companies and their managers are involved (litigation between shareholders, actions in liability, invalidity…)

Mergers and acquisitions

Our law firm also has extensive experience in the restructuring of companies (mergers, divisions, etc.) and transactions in their securities (sales of shares, options, etc.) as well as in the drafting of contracts involving Partnerships between companies (joint venture …) or within the company (shareholder agreements, etc.)

Competition law and European law

We provide advice and litigation in the management of gas and electricity distribution networks, procedures with the regulatory authorities.

Submission of complaints to the European Commission for abuse of a dominant position.

We provide advice on benchmarking issues.

We will look after your interests before the Belgian competition authority or the competition college.

Obtain from a Belgian court an order of cessation for violation of a rule of European law.

We will look after your interests before the European Commission or the CJEU.

We will give you advice on state aids.

Our department has all this available for its customers and we can do it for you.

Business Criminal Law

We provide counseling and litigation in the field of financial criminal law: forgery and counterfeiting, breach of trust, fraud, public procurement, bankruptcy offenses, accounting offenses, corruption, abuse of social assets, money laundering, Afsca legislation.

Arbitration and mediation

Are you looking for experienced advice to defend your interests in an international arbitration procedure in English in Paris under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce?

Are you involved in an arbitration procedure in Belgium where the CEPANI regulations apply? Are you thinking of starting arbitration process in Belgium?

You need to appoint an arbitrator but you don’t know who to choose? Before going any further in an arbitration procedure you want to get urgent interim measures? You want to execute an arbitration award in Belgium that you obtained abroad?

Our law firm has provided assistance in more than 100 Belgian and international arbitration cases.

We have a thorough knowledge of the CCI and CEPANI procedures as well as the Belgian arbitration rules.

Our lawyers have regularly participated as arbitrators in proceedings organized according to the rules of CEPANI or other international arbitration institutions.

Want to explore the possibilities of a negotiated solution?

Our lawyers also practice mediation in Belgian and international business.